The Last Bandcamp Friday Before Christmas

Like the rest of the world, I took a bit of a break last Christmas. For the first time in twenty years, I didn’t make one single Christmas mix. It wasn’t just the pandemic, but it was largely the pandemic. I also took a difficult online course and spent the early days of December studying for a difficult exam.

This year I’m getting my feet wet. No big parties but maybe Christmas with my mom and my brothers and my nieces and nephews, windows ajar, vaccinated and safely spaced out. *Maybe* some hugs, even. We’ll all have to see what feels right.

I was determined to at least make one seasonal mix this year. So I carved out three hours during a study day, the last Bandcamp Friday before Christmas as it was, and I downloaded all the holiday songs I could find that also sounded good to my ears at first listen. A few of them were songs I went looking for but most of them were discovered by accident. After my awful exam was finally over I listened to so many wonderful songs and eventually whittled them down to a playlist of twenty.

I know most Christmas music mix-makers just make one a year, and I totally get why. This may be my Christmas music future.

I hope you’ll all enjoy these songs, and if you do, please support the artists! These tracks can all be purchased through Bandcamp. Please share, and PLEASE let’s make “Yippee-Ki-Yay Father Christmas” a holiday classic already.

Happy holidays!


  1. Lake Effect – Amos Pitsch
  2. Kids Come Back Again at Christmas – Sloan
  3. Marching Through Your Head (Christmas Edition) – Zeus
  4. Merry, Merry Christmas – Fascinations Grand Chorus
  5. Yippee-Ki-Yay Father Christmas – Jonnie Common
  6. Santa Lives In My Building – Spearmint
  7. Hey Santa – The Birthday Girl vs Alexander’s Festival Hall
  8. Every Year – Jeff Mellin
  9. Know by Now – Jeff Hulett
  10. Ebb & Flow (Yuletide!) – The Little Unsaid
  11. Leaving Me This Christmas – Julie Corrigan feat. Roxanne Potvin & Lynn Miles
  12. Icicles – The Bird Calls
  13. Miss Mistletoe – Buck Meek
  14. He’s The One – Ali Sperry and Kristin Weber
  15. Auld Lang Syne (Don’t Waste My Time) – Wood Hitch
  16. See That Day – Hexicon
  17. Xmas in California – Reuben and the Dark
  18. A Midwest Christmas – Andrea von Kampen
  19. Cancel Christmas – Jillette Johnson
  20. Merry Christmas (What a Hell of a Year) – Thom Stone

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